Dressed For It

A new collection, a new point of view. Exquisitely made dresses designed to fit and flatter the curves and shapes of real women. 

This is the dress you wear when you mean business, when you really want to own the room.


The Inspiration

Cynthia Fields knows a thing or two about dresses…and it shows!

The right cut, with the right material, expertly tailored and exquisitely made are her signature style. Cynthia knows the power of a great dress, the confidence that comes with looking and feeling fabulous…owning the room.

I wanted to create a collection of dresses for real women that will always fit well and make them feel and look great!
~ Cynthia Fields

Dresses made easy

Dressing a woman to feel feminine and confident, the Cynthia Fields dress collection provides thoughtful, timeless silhouettes that serve as the foundation of a professional woman's wardrobe. Designed to fit and flatter your curves, with understated styling and dressmaker details, these iconic dresses reveal their magic the moment you try them on.


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