Our fit is generous. If you are between sizes,
order the smaller of the two.

We've created this size guide to help you determine which size to order. As a general rule, if you frequently choose between two sizes, we suggest you order the smaller of the two sizes.

For best results, try measuring with a fabric tape over your lingerie.

Please refer to our dress length guide below the Size Guide to see where the dresses hit a 5'6" woman.

Size Guide

4 35-36 28-29 37-38
6 36-37 29-30 38-39
8 37-38 30-31 39-40
10 38-39 31-32 40-41
12 39.5-40.5 32.5-33.5 41.5-42.5
14 41.5-42.5 34.5-35.5 43.5-44.5
16 43.5-44.5 36.5-37.5 45.5-46.5


Dress Size Guide by Cynthia Fields New York

Length Guide

We've had a lot of women ask about the length of our dresses. We provide the length as measured from your shoulder to the hem. While each dress will look different depending on your height, we created this guide to illustrate where the dresses hit a 5'6" woman.

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